Booking Policy & Procedures

How do I book my class?

You will have to book online on our website. Our classes are very popular and fill up fast, it will be difficult to book a class last minute unless we have a cancellation. So please book ahead. It can be difficult to find openings for groups of 4 or more. If you have a group of 6 or more together, please skip the Groupon and ask about a private party- call us 808-277-2535

After scheduling your class, you will receive  a confirmation by e-mail. You will also get a reminder before your class date. You may also call 808-277-2535 if you are booking a private class. Please be aware that if you cancel within the 48 hour cancellation period or are a "no show" for your class, there will be NO REFUND for the amount you paid. The same cancellation policy applies for Group on/Living social please read "how does my Group on/Living social deal work?"

What is our cancellation policy?

You must give a 48 hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your class. Cancellation/reschedules within the 48 hour period prior to class or "no show" and you will lose class fee! No credits or transfers are permitted. GROUP ON/LIVING SOCIAL vouchers will be forfeited and redeemed. Think of it as a concert ticket, you won't get to go to a different concert for free if you don't show. I understand it can be frustrating and clients don't want to lose money, but it's not fair that our small business loses the money instead and it's also not fair for other students that could have joined the class but weren't able to because the class was fully booked. You must call the studio directly in the event of any cancellations 808-277-2535. We appreciate your understanding!

How does my Groupon/Living Social deal work?

Groupon/LIVING SOCIAL classes are only for day time classes. Please book online and select Groupon/living social OK in the options menu. If you are a GROUPON/LIVING SOCIAL client and if you are a "no call"/"no show"- we will automatically redeem your voucher! If you voucher is expired, unfortunately we do not accept them. You have 120 days to redeem them before they expire, be sure that you schedule within enough time to redeem your voucher as we are usually pretty booked 2 to 3 weeks ahead. If you haven't booked and your voucher expires, your paid value never expires. You can book online and select Expired Groupon voucher and pay the difference.